Monday, November 1, 2010

Lost dog !

On Friday,Wanagi and Tokala got out of the yard. They escaped where the fence was weakened from the guy who walks his 2 pit bulls when they fight through the fence at my dogs.I saw a man with light hair and dark cloths running away from my fence and my dogs were running with him and several other dogs.I called after him but he did not answer. Was he stealing my dogs? I called Carla and she came to help right away. I harnessed Shaman and got my Wheelchair and we went looking around the neighborhood while Carla went in the other direction. My neighbor also looked for the dogs as did Johnny, another friend.Carla came back with Tokala. She had crossed Oracle rd., which is a really busy road! My mind was racing with thoughts of Wanagi getting hit by a car. As much as I hate the Animal Control Shelter, I was hopping that they had picked her up. At least she would be safe. But she was nowhere to be found. I knew she had her license tag on and she was micro-chipped and hoped that some one would find her and call in the chip number. I went with Carla in the car after putting Tokie in the house.We spent the whole day looking around and going to Animal Control and the Humane Society to see if she had been picked up. Nothing! We even looked around the Freeway and I had visions of Wanagi lying dead on the Freeway. Then I got a call on my cellphone and it was the micro-chip company saying that some one had my dog! Two very nice young ladies had found Wanagi and called in the chip number. We were reunited in about ten minutes. What a harrowing day! By the time I got home with the dog,it was 4:30pm. The dogs got out at 7:30 am. Long,Harrowing day! I am glad that neither dog got hurt and they are both safe.Some friends are helping to fix the fence so this will not happen again. to be continued.................

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