Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shaman is back to working again

Poor Shaman has been laid up for the entire Summer with his allergies.He is doing much better now that the weather has changed.His coat is growing back and he is beginning to look like a beautiful dog again.His allergies  are more seasonal than food allergies. I have had him on a special diet but I am going to change him over to a grain free food to see if maybe that will help more .I hate to see him scratching and chewing at himself so I am hoping that the new food will change that.I worked him for the first time in 2 and a half months and he has not forgotten any of his training.His work was just as good as if he had been working the whole time. We went to the grocery store last night.He was happy to be working again.Shaman trots faster than Nici so we got there faster and got home in time to watch the National Dog Show.Nici may not be as fast as Shaman but we get there just the same. I usually use Nici when I use the manual chair or I am walking because she goes slow enough for me walking  or using the manual chair and Shaman is much too fast for this.When I need to use Nici for my power chair she does very well,she just goes slower.Both dogs do well when in crowds but Nici does better than Shaman when there are a lot of dogs.I guess this is because Nici has never been attacked and Shaman has been attacked so many times.I like having the use of 2 dogs as each one has their strong points, just in different areas.I love them both very much!        to be continued........

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