Monday, March 14, 2016

Sedona's training is going well

Sedona's training is progressing very well. I have fazed out the treats when she sits and lays down as she does not need them . She sits and lays on cue with no treat incentive. She really prefers verbal praise and some petting.We are working on the stay command. She will stay for a short period and she will stay when I put her in her crate,while I close the door. She no longer tries to run out of the crate.She does not mind being in her crate and she is very good when in it,but she would rather be out running around in the living room playing with her toys and getting tummy rubs from me. This puppy is so energetic! she is the most energetic puppy I have ever had. She wears me out some times.I love her and she is a very sweet puppy. She is also very smart.We are working on her house manners and obedience and socialization. She has a long way to go before we get to the guide training but I know she will make it. I am so glad I got this puppy.I am enjoying raising her and she is the second puppy I have raised to be a service dog.Lily was my first. Nala,Shaman and Nici were all older when I got them and even though they made great guide dogs,it is nice to be able to take the time to raise a puppy to be a special working dog. There is a lot of satisfaction in it.Shaman was still somewhat a puppy at 10 months,when I got him and he worked out wonderfully. I am still working him occasionally to keep him happy.Nici is working well and when Sedona is ready to work as a guide,I will transition her in to the work by alternating them. When Nici is ready to retire, Sedona will take over.  To be continued...........

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