Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pictures of Nici and Lady in training

Mardi,Rachel and Jeremy working dogs on the side walk

Rachel and Jeremy walking on side walk

Rachel and Mardi working Lady and Nici comming back from the Park

Mardi and Nici waiting by Drive way
These pictures were taken when Rachel and I were working the dogs in the late afternoon. I will try to get some working the mall and our night walks. The dogs are working very well but being young dogs, they do get distracted some times. We just have to keep working through these distractions. Nici used to have a problem going passed a noisy truck parked by the side walk. I kept taking her to the truck and made her sit there to get used to the noise and to let her know that it was not going to hurt her. She did get used to the noise and now walks by the truck with out balking. It just takes time and patience.

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