Thursday, July 4, 2013

Training has been put on hold for a while

The training of Nici and Lady are on hold for a while due to my recovery from a Heat Stroke.I spent  some time in the hospital and my recovery has been slow.I can not be out side in the heat of the day until the weather cools down.This means  that I can't take a bus to go any where during the day. I hope by August, I will be able to start doing some night walks.Even when I get a ride from Carla in her air conditioned car to go grocery shopping during the day, I find it very hard to keep cool. Even when I am in side of the air conditioned store, I have trouble trying to cool down.This is further complicated by some of the medications I take.Of course , on the hottest day, my cooler broke down and it was almost 100 degrees in my house! Summer is the "PITS" for me right now. I can't wait for Winter to come around again.I have taken Shaman out several times after dark and gone grocery shopping.I guess this is just how things will be for now.

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