Thursday, August 22, 2013

Night Walk

Last Sunday,Rachel and her husband Jeremy came to my house for a spaghetti dinner. After dinner Rachel and I took the dogs out for a night walk.This is the first night walk since my heat stroke in June. Since I am coming off of Prednisone and can  not walk too far now, I used my power chair. I needed to work Nici with this chair so she will be used to it when I take her to the NFB convention in September. We are trying to get a guide dog division of the NFB in Arizona.Any way, Rachel and Lady went first and Nici and I went behind them. We went around the whole neighborhood. The dogs did great.We passed a barking Pit bull and 2 cats without incident. Both dogs stopped when a car on the side of the road revved the engine making a lot of noise.They waited to see if the car was going to pull out,but it didn't so we continued on. Lady stopped when a truck pulled out of a driveway as did Nici also.We continued on and got back to the house about 7:45pm. Then we waited for the Sun Van to take Rachel and Jeremy back to their home.We need to do more work on over hangs with Lady. Working Nici from a wheelchair, I don't run into that problem to often, but Nici seems to have grasped that concept  very well.To day Carla and I took Tess, one of the rescue dogs to the vet, and Nici stopped in front of a low hanging tree branch to let me know it was there.I praised her and she took me around it. When we left the vet's office,she stopped again and took me around the same low hanging branch.Both dogs are working very well. I am very proud of Rachel as she has done a good job of working Lady when I was laid up this summer.Lady has become the perfect guide dog for Rachel.Nici is also the perfect guide for be continued................... 

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