Thursday, September 26, 2013

The state NFB Conventiom

I met Rachel at the convention hotel and we attended the meeting for getting a guide dog division in AZ. Both dogs behaved well and after the meeting,we decided to get something to eat as neither of us had time for breakfast.After getting directions from the hotel staff, we started out for the restaurant.Going down the side walk wasn't bad but it was a little "hairy" crossing 2, two lane streets and navigating the parking lot to get to the restaurant.We had our brunch and started back to the convention. On our way back. Lady tried to take Rachel on an adventure by turning down a walk way off of the side walk. Rachel got that straightened out and we made it back to the hotel.We checked out some of the new technology and I picked up lots of info.I went to the convention on Saturday but Rachel did not go.I am very proud of both dogs as they were great. Dogs were getting in their faces and sniffing them and both Lady and Nici behaved perfectly.On Saturday, Nici was so patient with the cane users and waited for them to pass us and she would go around the ones that were not in droves.At one point a man was approaching us rather fast and Nici jumped over his cane and continued on as if all this action was every day goings on.When we were in the general meeting,I parked my wheelchair on the end of a row of chairs in the back by the door. When a cane user came in the doorway, Nici would get up and let the person pass her and then she would lie down again.She did this on her own as I had never taught her to do this.Nici was so good,it was like having Nala on the end of my leash . I am so very proud of my dog and also proud of Lady. They were so good and this was both dogs' first convention.     To be continued..............

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