Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lady was attacked by a pitbull !

On Thursday late after noon Rachel called me in tears and told me that Lady was attacked by a pit bull and she was taking her to the emergency vet.This incident could have been prevented .Rachel had made several calls to animal control  with no response. She had also complained to the manager of her apartment complex that this dog was constantly running loose with no leash and the people who owned the dog just laughed at her when she spoke to them.Even after the attack took place and the police had been called, they did not talk to her after they talked to the owners of the pit bull.Does no one care? In my opinion,neither animal control, or the manager did their jobs! I fee that the police should at least talked to Rachel. I feel that they were very insensitive to her.What is Tucson becoming? Does no one care when a blind person has their dog disabled by a pit bull and their irresponsible owners? No one did any thing when my Shaman was attacked either.This has to stop!!!!!!!!! This poor dog is severely injured with neurological symptoms as well as bite wounds.Lady may have to be retired if she survives these injuries.Rachel is totally blind and relies on Lady to get her around. I am very upset about this also as I trained this dog for Rachel. Lady is such a sweet loving dog and an excellent guide dog.This should not have happened  and could have been prevented if animal control had done their job and cited the owners of the pit bull for violating the leash law.It seems that even though we have laws to protect our service dogs,no one feels inclined to enforce these laws.I am so disgusted with this city.  to be continued..................the pictures are of lady and Rachel and Nici and me working our dogs and Rachel and Lady with her husband Jeremy and his dog Bella

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