Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sedona is learning very fast

Sedona is walking on a loose leash and is well on her way to being house broken. The only time she goes in her crate is if I don't get her out in time.She has learned to sit on cue even with out a treat. We are now working on the down command. She also comes to me when I call her name.When I put her in the crate, she has learned to stay while I am closing the door. She used to try and run out when I was closing the door but now she stays.She loves to play with all her toys and has discovered the squeaker in the toys and she squeaks them non stop when she is out running around the living room. She lays on the blanket under the computer desk and chews on her white bones and squeaks her toys. Then she will start running around and tossing her toys in the air and catches them and runs some more.She has a multi colored bird and a Santa and and a squirl and a teddy bear. She also has a tennis ball,a hard rubber ball,a pear shaped hard rubber ball and a spiked dumbell and a hard rubber donut shaped toy. Do you think she has enough toys? She is now eating the small milk bones and she loves them.She has been having loose stools on the Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream, puppy food, so I am changing her over to Purina Pro Plan ,Sensative Skin and Stomach. Max, my old Border Collie, RIP, did well on this food . He had digestive issues and that food really helped him. Sedona does not have any skin problems but maybe it will help her digestive issues. I am also giving her a probiotic and that is helping some.She has a vet appointment to get a stool sample on Monday.   To be continued............

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