Friday, January 1, 2016

Shulamith is back

Shulamith was returrned to me. The man that took her did not do as he promised. He did not find a trainer to work with him and the dog.Evidently, he bought a cheap harness and put that on her and removed the collars I gave him with the dog. Of course he had no control on a very energetic, strong dog and she pulled him down.He returned the dog with out the collars so now I have to go buy a new collar for her.Right now I have a collar on her that was Shaman's and it is really too small for her. My friend Johnny and I put up some chain link fencing so I can keep her away from my other dogs. She is still being advertised so I hope the right person will want a very nice German Shepherd that need some more training and some one to love,and show patience with her. She deserves to have a nice home with someone who will really care about her and that has no other animals.    to be continued...........

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