Tuesday, July 4, 2017

It has been a long,long time

Sedona has been well started on her formal guide training and has done very well. When you bring out the harness, she will put her head right in and when it is on, she becomes a different dog. She is calm and ready to go to work, She is very good walking by my side and guiding me, when I am able to walk, and very good with my manual wheelchair. We have been in grogery stores,pet stores, restaurants and other stores,and she is very good. She gets distracted by people petting her though.I have a sign on her harness, but people just ignore it and pet her any way. Even while I am telling them to not pet her because she is working. They just don't care, they keep on petting her.I just have to keep working on her people distractions.My power wheelchair has been broken down for about 5 months now. The Preferred Home Care has had the chair sinse May and brought it back yesterday. It is still not fixed right.They did not change the batteries and did not check the belts that drive the chair. If the belts are frayed,they could break. If they need adjusting so they don't slip, well all these things should have been done and they were not done.Shoddy workmanship!!! The joystick box is still off. When you try to change the speed, it jumps around from speed to speed.so I still can't take it out. I could get stuck some where again. Poor Sedona is going to have to start at the beginning again with this chair. She gets nervous when cars whiz by us as they come pretty cloise. I have to roll it on the side of the street as there is not room enough for the wheelchair and the dog on the side walk. She has to get used to this. We are still working on overhead obsticles and people distractions.I need to work Sedona with the power chair,but I can't do any thing until it is fixed. I am not happy about this situation.  I have also been training a PTSD dog for a friend. She is a Shepherd / Akita cross and is 6 months old. She is such a good puppy and is learning fast.Nick loved her when I brought her to see him for the first time. Her name is Cheyenne and she loved Nick also. She is a very happy puppy with her tail going all the time. Soon, Nick will be able to work with her so they can bond. I am kept quite busy working with 2 dogs, but it is what keeps me going.  To be continued............

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