Friday, February 16, 2018

Bad news

It has been too long since my last post, but my chair is still broken down and my insurance company is refusing to pay for it to be fixed. They have all kinds of excuses but most of them are lies! They keep saying it is not repairable and there are no parts for it. I have spoken to the manufacturer of the chair and was told that yes it is fixable and there are parts for it. It would cost far less to pay for the repairs than to get a new one. In the mean time, Sedona is not being worked with this power chair and is forgetting things she has learned already.I may have to get a lawyer to get this situation taken care of. I also had a major situation that ended up in another hospital stay. I was not feeling well and apparently had pneumonia and didn't know it in August. I passed out and found my self on the floor ,wedged between Sedona's and Cheyenne's crates. I could not get up off the floor. I kept trying to pull myself up using the crates but I just did not have the strength to pull my self up from the floor.I found my self in big trouble.I laid on the floor for 5 days before someone came to help me?? The dogs got into the dog biscuits and the garbage and anything else they could find and when all the water buckets were empty after 3 days, they got the lid up on the toilet and drank that water. I had no food or water or medications for the whole 5 days. I don't know how I survived but I did.I came home to a horrendous mess in the house, which was made worse by Johnny who was supposedly taking care of the animals but did a terrible job. I had not had any house keeping help in 2 months as my house keeper was sick in the hospital at the time.My house was messy and the dogs made a bigger mess and Johnny did also make it worse. Some of the dogs had diarrhea from all the garbage they ate and he took them to the vet without ever calling me to consult on what to do. I had medication for this but he put the charges on Carla's rescue account at the vets and created a very large vet bill.He did not even ask Carla's permission to do that.Then when Animal control showed up at my door,which was after I had the house cleaned up,thankfully, the officer said every thing was satisfactory except for Shaman who was very thin, and had hair loss from his allergies and she wanted him to be seen by a vet. She also wanted the dogs to be treated for ticks. Johnny had not picked up the tick dip when I had asked him too before all this took place. I explained that Shaman had severe allergies and had special food and vitamins and meds for this. He was not given any of that while Johnny was supposedly taking care of the dogs. There was plenty of food there for the dogs but Johnny just fed them milk bone biscuits in stead of their food. He got a rescue to deliver 4 large bags of food for the dogs but he kept 2 for him self and never opened the food for my dogs.Carla said she would take me and Shaman to the vets and then Johnny stepped up and volunteered to do it. He said that I did not need to go and I told him exactly what the officer wanted. He again put the charges on the rescue account and had the vet do every test under the sun ,driving the vet bill up to $450. All the tests came back negative.He has been telling people how bad the situation was. He took pictures of my house  and put them up on the Internet. He told people how bad things were and that I should be put in a nursing home and not be aloud to live in my house or have my animals. He had all sorts of people come into my house to see the mess.H e told any one that would listen to him from the pharmacist to the people at the pet store where I buy the food for my Bearded Dragons. He has called the agencies that I got services from so now I have no services, no help. He never told me that the outside water spigot was leaking and I did not realize it until I had a large puddle in my front yard. I never use that spigot to fill the water buckets. I use the shower hose to fill them . He is the only one that uses it. Now I realize that things do wear out but he could have told me that it was leaking and I would have gotten a plumber to fix it right away. My water bill was over $1000 ! He has done a lot of damage to me and left me is such a financial crunch that I have had to go with out food and medicine just to pay my bills.This is exactly what he wanted to do so he could get my dog. He thought that Animal Control would take them away from me so he could go up to PACC and adopt Nici. That did not happen. I did voluntary give up 2 of my huskies and the Akita mix puppy because I just could not take care of that many dogs at that time.That left me with 3 dogs. Shaman, my retired guide dog and Nici, my current working guide dog and Sedona.I have severed the friendship as friends don't do to friends what he has done to me. I am still trying to recover financially from this.I have at least gotten the vet bill paid off and the water company did lower the bill do to hardship,but I have to give then $150 each month untill the bill is paid in full and if I am late -paying it,they will shut off my water. I still have not been able to get any services. My friend Nick, who is like a son to me has been the only one helping me around the house and yard, with things that need to be done. Carla takes me places when she can, but with out my power wheelchair, I can't get out to get my meds or food or to Dr, appointments, when Carla isn't able to take me. I am stuck in this house! Poor Sedona is not getting trained so that Nici can retire.I can not believe that Johnny could  do this to me ,just to get my Nici? Johnny knew that I was not feeling well, but he waited 5 days to check on me? I laid on that floor hoping and praying that some one would come. I almost died. I would never have waited to check on a friend if I knew they were sick, and in fact, I have checked on several friends including Johnny. I still miss the dogs I gave up but, they have been adopted. I recently rescued a Dutch Shepherd from the Casa Grand Pound. I have given her to Nick to replace the puppy that I could not care for when I first got out of the hospital. Her name is Jade and I am training her to be a PTSD service dog for Nick.Jade really loves him and Nick loves her.She is a much better candidate for service work that the puppy was. I hope that things get better here soon.  to be continued..................

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